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Mission Statement

Coeur d'Alene Hockey Academy

Mission Statement

Coeur d’Alene Hockey Academy is committed to excellence both academically and athletically, and to developing the personal growth of our Student Athletes. We stand together to serve and represent our Academy and Community with integrity and respect.

Vision Statement

Coeur d’Alene Hockey Academy aspires to be an outstanding educational and athletic organization that provides a high-quality experience to every athlete.  This high-quality experience is one where every athlete not-only learns skills, tactics and strategies of the game, but they improve as a player and individual while being coached using principles of positive coaching.  Players have fun during practices and games and feel like an important part of the team, regardless of performance, all while learning life lessons that carry value beyond the ice rink.




Preparation: If you Fail to Prepare, then Prepare to Fail.

Work Ethic: Talent is never enough, the best  players are the hardest workers.

Integrity:  Wisdom is knowing the right path to take.  Integrity is taking that path.

Attitude: The mind determines your limits.  As long as your mind can envision the will achieve it.

Accountability:  We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our both our words and our actions.

Respect:  We will develop a culture of mutual  respect and diversity by recognizing each individual’s unique contribution to the team.

Team Work:  There is no limit to what can be accomplished when nobody focuses on who gets the credit.

3513 W Seltice Way
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814